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A Tender Love

(Affection: The Tenderness and Fondness)

In this moment, as we gaze into each other’s eyes,
The love that binds us grows stronger with every breath,
A soft kiss upon your lips, a touch of your cheek,
Our hearts entwine in tenderness and fondness.

As I run my fingers through your silken hair,
A gentle caress, a show of affection so true,
The touch of your hand in mine, a bond that can’t be broken,
Our love, a sanctuary where we are forever safe.

In the stillness of night, as you rest your head on my chest,
I feel your heartbeat in sync with mine,
Your breath upon my neck, a whisper of love and devotion,
A tenderness that knows no bounds or prejudice.

As the dawn breaks, I hold you close in my arms,
An unwavering love, a bond that will never fade,
For in this moment of affection and tenderness,
We find solace and strength to face the world together.