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An Oath of Honesty

(Openness and Transparency)

In the moonlit sand, we stand hand in hand,
Our hearts open, our souls entwined,
A pure love, a bond so true,
As the tides of time ebb and flow.

We vow to be honest in all we say,
To share our hearts, our dreams, and fears,
For in this love, there is no room for deception,
Only trust, loyalty, and devotion are to be found.

As a woman, I promise to always speak my mind,
To share the depths of my heart with you,
To be your partner in life’s journey,
And to stand by your side through thick and thin.

As a man, I vow to cherish each word you say,
To listen with my heart, not just with my ears,
To be the rock upon which your dreams are built,
And to guide you safely through life’s uncertain seas.

Together, we will weather life’s storms,
Our love is a beacon in the darkness of night,
For as long as our hearts beat as one,
We shall be bound by this oath of honesty, forevermore.