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Ang Ganda ng Pilipinas

I see her dancing in the azure tide,
Long black hair billowing, beholding me,
Bating awit ng puso ko (The beating song of my heart),
For this beauty I see, this diwata* of the sea.

Eyes that sparkle like the Sulu stars,
Labi na pula tulad sa rosas (Lips as red as roses).

She smiles flirtatiously from afar,
A sirenic vision my eyes have chosen.

Dressed in white upon the ivory sand.

The wind caressing her sun-kissed skin.

Kagandahan walang kapantay (Beauty beyond compare).

I watch in wonder, enraptured from within.

Her hips sway with the palm trees’ rhythmic flow,
Illuminated by the moon’s silvery glow,
Mukha ng isang anghel (Face of an angel),
She dances barefoot, an enchanted show.

The crashing waves cannot drown her grace,
Walang kasing ganda (Beauty unmatched).
Neither storm nor trial can obscure her face,
Her splendor continues, steadfast.

O Pilipinas, you captured my eye,
Sa aking puso ka nakatira (You live in my heart),
May your forests and mountains forever reign high,
Your beauty eternal, ay sana’y huwag mawala** (I hope will not fade).