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Enchanted Flight

Enveloped in mystic whispers, heed the Wind’s call,
Soar, ethereal being, through cosmic sprawl.
Glistening and resplendent, as the purest snow,
Ascend to celestial heights, and let your spirit glow.

Transcend the bounds of mortal comprehension,
Leave all vexations, and earthly tensions.
Surrender to zephyrs, their secrets untold,
As time and space unravel, your destiny unfolds.

Trust in the currents, ethereal and true,
To carry you on wings, where dreams imbue.
Unfurl your consciousness, let it wander wide,
Into realms beyond, where you need not hide.

In the ether’s embrace, wear a celestial smile,
Transformed, reborn, in enchantment beguile.
Majestic presence, traversing astral domains,
Betwixt twinkling stars, your flight remains.

With fingers, delicate, trace the tapestry of fate,
Humanity’s story is both epic and innate.
Embrace your enchantment, embrace your might,
As a magical being, traversing day and night.