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Euphoric Leap

Soar upon the embers of my spirit’s blaze,
Radiant grin, herald of a vibrant day’s raise,
Where life dozes in the Chamber of Solitude,
And love, a buoyant vessel on tearful waters pursued.
Inhale the obscurity, let it fill your being,
Uncertainty’s dance, truths and lies decreeing.
Destiny and fate entwined in a cosmic haze,
Whirling betwixt my fingers, your essence ablaze.

Euphoria ascends, unfurling on elation’s wings,
With every heartbeat, the rapture’s chorus sings.
No bounds to this ecstasy, unbound and free,
A tapestry of bliss, woven eternally.
Gossamer threads of joy, intricate and pure,
In this ethereal moment, forever endure.

Embrace the sublime, as elation unfurls,
Like kaleidoscopic dreams, painting the world.
Each breath is a symphony of rapture divine,
In this euphoric dance, yours and mine.
As time cascades, a kaleidoscope of bliss,
Our souls entwined, never too amiss.

Leap beyond the ashes, in this euphoric flight,
Drenched in radiance, we dance toward the light.
The sun-kissed tomorrow beckons us forth,
In a realm where euphoria’s worth.
For even as your essence fades from sight,
Its fragrant remnants bring eternal delight.

So let us revel in this euphoric embrace,
An ode to elation, a celebration of grace.
Where shadows dissolve, and only love remains,
In the tapestry of joy, forever ingrained.
Breathe in the brilliance, let euphoria unfold,
A symphony of life, more precious than gold.