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Growing Trust

(Development of Confidence and Reliability)

In the beginning, we held hands in the sunshine.
A tender touch, a small step into trust’s realm
Our hearts danced with hope, a future yet to unfold,
As we learned the depth of love and what it could mean.
With every moment shared, our bond grew stronger,
The trust between us, a fortress that we built,
A refuge from the world, a sanctuary to call home,
Where love would flourish and grow, unhindered and free.
As time passed, our connection deepened,
A love that knew no bounds, a bond beyond compare,
In the darkest of nights, when fears came to call,
You were my light, my beacon through the storm.
We stood together, hand in hand, facing life’s trials,
Our trust was unwavering, a fortress that could not be breached,
Through laughter and tears, our love only grew,
As we learned the true meaning of trust and devotion.
With each passing day, our love knew no bounds,
A bond that would carry us through life’s journey,
A love that stood the test of time, a trust so true,
For you, my love, I have only one wish – forever with you.