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Heart’s Shadows

The shadow lingers deep within,
Within the confines of a soul,
A silhouette that stains the light,
With echoes of a story untold.

The darkening skies tremble,
As storm clouds gather overhead,
A tempest of emotions,
Where restless thoughts are bred.

The rain falls, a torrential downpour,
From tear-filled eyes, it does descend,
Drowning whispers of hope,
In a realm where shadows blend.

And the heartbreaks, shattered,
Fragments scattered like fallen leaves,
Aching with the weight of sorrow,
Yearning for solace, a heart that grieves.

One more time among the sadness,
I shall tread this desolate path,
Navigating through the abyss,
In the aftermath of love’s aftermath.

Yet, in the depths of this somber haze,
A flicker of light, a gentle ray,
The spark of resilience ignites,
Amidst the darkness, it finds a way.

For within the shadow’s grip,
A glimmer of strength takes hold,
A beacon of resilience,
A tale of courage is yet untold.

So let the heart seek solace,
In the darkest corners, it shall roam,
For within the shadow’s depths,
A love’s rebirth shall find its home.

And as the shadows dissipate,
Forming a silhouette of art,
The heart shall heal, anew it beats,
In the shape of a mended heart.

The darkening skies may tremble,
But hope’s embrace will never cease,
And in the shadowed depths within,
A soul finds solace, a heart finds peace.