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In a sense, intensity is a fire,
A burning passion, a fierce desire,
It fuels our hearts, it drives us on,
Toward the goals, we have, until they’re won.

In a sense, intensity is a storm,
A raging tempest, a force to be born,
It shakes our souls, it tests our will,
As we face challenges, we must fulfill them.

In a sense, intensity is a light,
A brilliant beacon, shining bright,
It guides our way, it shows the path,
Through the dark, it helps us to last.

In a sense, intensity is a gift,
A powerful force, to help us lift,
To reach new heights, to soar above,
And achieve the greatness, we all can love.

So embrace the intensity, let it flow,
Through your heart, let your passion show,
For in a sense, intensity is life,
A journey worth living, through all its strife.