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In the beginning, it was her beauty that caught his eye,
A sight so captivating he thought she was divine.
Her breath took away the air he’d once breathed in,
And all around him, life seemed to slow down to a whisper.

But as they shared time, what he’d perceived began to shift,
And beneath her surface beauty, another world was revealed.
Her intelligence shone bright as a beacon in the dark,
Guiding them through life’s murky waters with her wisdom unspoken.

Her strength was like an anchor holding firm against the storm,
A force of nature that he had never seen before.
And in her faithfulness, he found a love so pure and true,
She was the compass on which his heart would rely.

In her embrace, he discovered their bodies melded as one,
A physical intimacy that sent tingles down his spine.
But it was not just their bodies that entwined that night,
For in the depths of their souls, they shared an even greater union.

Their lips touched tenderly, and he found himself lost in her eyes,
A window into a soul that was as deep as the ocean.
And as they breathed together, he felt their spirits meld,
Two hearts beating as one, a symphony of love unspoken.

Their bodies were still connected, they shared the sacred union of their souls,
And in that moment, he knew their love was more than flesh and bone.
He found himself enveloped by a warmth that could never be contained,
A fire of passion that burned deep within his very core.

Now, as they lay together, the physical and spiritual entwined,
He knew he’d found a love that would last beyond the realm of time.
For her breathtaking beauty was more than skin deep,
It was a love that transcended mortal understanding.