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Mistress of Shadows

Here I lay once again intoxicated with love;
the hours pass like the shadows on my walls
and when I close my eyes. I see her between,
the bright Sun and her echoing laugh. I have
forgotten her face. All I see is her aurora and
tears roll down once again. Screams lost in
the pillow of my despair. I hold to her aroma,
of the damped sheets and I cry. Perhaps she
is where the shadows get lost and where my
dreams have sunk. In sunless despair, I crawl
in the shadows of insanity.
A bleeding heart for my lost valentine,
A tear for the mistress of shadows,
A song for my broken soul.
Here I lay eyes wide open.
Breathing the starless sky,
between the blades of Earth,
my body rests in the shadow,
of the moon.