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Raptured in Sound

The waves begin, a gentle sway,
A soothing ebb and flow,
Little ripples start their play,
As melodies come and go.

The current gains momentum,
Notes swirling, round and round.

Pulling me into its stream,
Dancing to the rhythm found.

I’m caught in the riptide,
Carried away in this auditory sea,
Mind and body unified.

Surrendering totally.

Like tendrils, tones embrace my soul,
Passions rising with the tide,
Euphoria takes a hold,
On this blissful sonic ride.

The waves build power and height.

Cresting, peaking, rolling, igniting inner light,
Emotions leaking, spilling.

At the precipice, I stand,
Heartbeat aligning to the beat,
Raptured by melodies so grand,
Complete surrender, foes defeat.

Above, the Northern Lights dance and play,
Ribbons of color adorn the night,
Their mythical hues lead the way,
As I float in this world of light.

The waves release, gently ebb.

A fulfilled denouement,
A smile creeping onto my lips,
In this sonic embodiment.