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Sail the blue ocean, the stars
will guide the vessel of fate.
A journey full of solitude
and unexpected consequences.
Sail into the abyss,
follow the current into;
the pool of despair and salvation.
A pause, a pause, please!
For it is unkind to jump into despair.
Without an explanation of these pair
of verses that try to convey,
that despair that I carry in my soul.

It’s a habit for a human to smile,
to others. A false smile
is just to mask everything.
Just like when a pirate puts on
his eye patch.
The whirlpool of thoughts keeps
me awake most nights.
And that of death that creeps
seductively like a beautiful siren
in the perfect calm ocean.
Death lures me with false promises.
Sail between life and death
and embrace the current.
Go with the flow of destiny,
and assume everything is final.
See the shore at a distance
and smile for the last time.