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Shadows Looming

In this dreary world of woe, my spirit doth not soar;
Though once I dreamt of grandeur, now I only know despair.
My heart is heavy with regret, and my tears never cease,
As I am left to ponder why life’s course did thus entwine.

Once bright and full of hope, my days were filled with cheer;
I thought that all would be well, that happiness was near.
But alas, it was not meant to be; the winds of fate blew cold,
And left me standing here alone, my dreams forever stolen.

No longer do I search for joy or light in this dark land;
I’ve learned to live with sorrow, my heart has grown too grand.
Yet still there are those days when grief does overtake,
And I am left to wonder why my life was thus forsaken.

So here I stand, forever bound by pain and strife;
My soul is weary from the fight, my spirit worn and thin.
I’ll face each day with stoic grace, though deep inside it hurts;
For this is now my fate—my life is yours to bear.