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Shooting Stars

I still see your smile, bright as a shooting star
Dancing across the midnight sky, reminding me of what we were.
Your porcelain skin, your raven hair,
Memories that taunt me like a phantom in the dead of night.

The breeze whispers your name, a lullaby that soothes my pain,
But only for a fleeting moment, before it all comes rushing back again.

I still feel your touch upon my skin, each caress engraved within,
A testament to love that once was, now forever sealed with bitter sin.

The roses you loved have long since wilted and died, their crimson petals scattered on the ground,
A harsh reminder of the love we shared, now lost in time’s unyielding pound.

In this desolate landscape of sorrow and regret, days seem to drag on endlessly,
As if the universe is conspiring to keep our love forever entwined in its cruel design.

I yearn to hear your voice just one more time, to feel your presence so dear,
But alas, all that remains are echoes of a love now lost and gone, as distant as the twinkling stars that once shone brightly above us here.

For in my heart, you’ll always reside, a ghost of what was and might have been,
A painful reminder of our love’s tragic fate, forever haunting me.