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Short Short Poems

Cold Rain
Peaceful slumber,
in the summer.

Birth of a wish,
upon a star, I wish.

Memories of dust,
tales of rust.

A beautiful song,
once I dreamed in verse.

War to war!
War to war.

To despair,
in repair.

A shade once,
talked to a shadow.

I dreamed a bipolar nightmare,
And then I woke up.

The sound at the end,
I missed it when the light ended.

In Mourning, I walked,
In the morning, I crawled.

They were just ashes of dreams,
and forgotten dreams of ashes.

Thousand words,
Aren’t enough,
to stop loving you.

My Sweet Home
A place I shall return,
but before I shall take a turn.

Eyes on Me
How I long for your eyes on me,
like I have mine on you.

Soulless Child.
Eyes to the sky,
sparks to the fire

Thunder Rolls,
And the sky trembles,
the sky god is in shambles.

Wanderer of Time,
When will your journey end?
Shall I wait for you until the end?

Love Will Grow,
In the hearts of the forgotten.

Morning Sky,
I said goodbye to the stars,
I heard the wind cry.

Forever Today,
I will stand in solitude.

In a sense.

Now We Are Free
Unchained, speak!

No Limit,
Unlimited power.

Leaves forgot.

Are You Watching?
How did the world say goodbye?

Come Undone,
Under the dome.

I once dreamed I was oxygen, hydrogen, and love.