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The Hidden World


Sights and sounds come rushing in,

A cacophony crowds my mind,
Each detail screams for attention,
As I struggle to unwind.

The rules are not quite literal,
Though hidden, they control and bind.

Conversations twist and turn,
The meaning, I cannot find.

Their words are cloaked in mystery.

I grasp and grope to read between the lines,
What are they really thinking?
The double-meaning undermines.

I long to speak direct and true.

To voice my thoughts sublime,
But all too often, I offend,
Misreading the social signs.

This world is a puzzle I can’t solve,
An enigma shrouded in disguise.

I search for logic, find frustration,
When all around me socialize.

My mind sees things as black and white,
While their perspective lives in gray,
No simple truths, just maybes,
Nothing as it seems, they say.

I retreat inside my mind,
Where comfort and order reside,
Life’s tapestry woven in threads.

Of color, patterns I cannot abide.

So within my mind, I hide,
Where everything is clear – defined,
No mysteries or riddles,
Just a shelter from the maze I cannot find.