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The Lost Puppy

Midnight falls on a moonless night.

As raindrops patter a lonesome tune,
I wander lost, a pup seeking a home.

Crying out, met with silence – no response.

The night air chills to the bone.

Shadows twist into phantoms looming,
I long for a familiar scent or sound,
But find only despair consuming.

Memories emerge, spectral and drowned,
Of arms that held me, now gone.

Footsteps leading away, never to return,
Leaving me stranded, unseen, unknown.

I cry out once more with a mournful howl,
My call echoes unanswered through the empty streets,
The rain turns to shards of ice, cutting my soul,
And I resign myself to a life alone, incomplete.

The night blurs, surreal in a haze,
I see her face in the distance, calling my name,
But as I follow, the apparition fades,
Once again, I’m adrift, abandoned.