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Through Her Heart

I am the blood flowing through her veins,
Carrying joy through every lane,
Starting as a gentle note,
That floats through the air to gently hold.

Her soul in its soothing embrace,
Then a sweet scent I softly chase,
Orange blossoms perfume the skies,
As dawn’s rosy rays arise.

Down her cheek, I lightly dance,
As a soft breeze’s slight romance.

Further, I feel a warmth spread,
Golden light makes horizons red.

Finally, I taste,
Of chocolate’s velvet waist,
Each sense is a new portal to pleasure,
As I journey, her joy I treasure.

Until I reach her lips, so soft,
When they meet his, a spark aloft,
Rougher yet sweet, like a sugar cube,
Their senses tangle, souls, entwined anew.