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World Says Goodbye

How the world says, goodbye?
With a gentle sigh and a mournful cry,
As the sun sets on another day,
And the stars come out to light the way.

The wind whispers its last farewell,
As it dances through the trees and bids them well,
The rivers flow, their journey complete,
As they merge with the ocean’s endless beat.

The birds take flight and soar up high,
Their wings beating in a sad goodbye,
While the flowers bow their heads in sorrow,
Their beauty fading with the coming morrow.

The world says goodbye with a heavy heart,
As it watches the seasons slowly depart,
Leaving behind memories of times gone by,
And hope for a future that will not die.

So let us cherish each passing day,
And hold onto the moments that come our way,
For the world may say goodbye in the end,
But our love and memories will never bend.