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Your Lips

If I tell you something, would you listen?
When my heart beats faster and faster, when I am close to you, do you feel it?
Do you smell the heat coming from me?
Just like I drown in yours.
If I tell you something, would you listen to me?
If when I spoke I didn’t separate my lips from yours,
would you still listen to me?
If you say yes, then in this silence
I will caress your lips until the morrow
the will let our animal instincts take over.
Let my tongue do the talking,
let my fingers and lips walk over you,
In that magic land that is your body,
where borders do not exist,
and where maps are not needed.
Where I will look for a place
where you keep your dreams.
If, I look into your eyes, while I my lips press against yours,
would your heart stop as I tell you how much I love you?
Just for a second,
Let’s Stop.
Stop moving.
Feel everything.
The night warms up,
I lose my senses.
I get lost in you.
I hear everything, I consume everything.
Your lips.
My lips.
You call my name.
I call your name.