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Aroma de Pasión

When I pondered upon love’s embrace,
I yearned to inhale your besos, sweet and tender.
The señorita’s smile, a captivating trace,
The flirtatious flower, my heart surrendered.

I recall the moment of our amorous kiss,
Yet, in truth, it was a whispered vow.
“It’s that romance,” I murmured in bliss,
As laughter bloomed like roses, somehow.
Compelled to inhale your fervent desire,
I smiled, finding my own cravings set afire.

In the garden of passions untamed,
Our lips intertwined, secrets are softly spoken,
The night whispered its enchantments unclaimed,
While the moon witnessed love’s spell unbroken.
Passion blossomed like forbidden blooms,
And we surrendered to its mystical perfumes.

Yet deep within our shared enchantment,
A bittersweet truth lingered and entwined,
For love, like petals, fades in its ascent,
Once fervor turns to distant memories confined.
But in that moment of intoxication’s reign,
We embraced the ephemeral, the divine.

So let us cherish those stolen kisses,
Echoes of a love that once blazed with might,
And hold dear the memories love reminisces,
Whispers of passion in the hushed twilight.
As fragrances fade with the passing day,
Love’s essence remains, forever alight, they say.