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Romantic Jasmine’s Aroma

In the realm where love’s enchantment thrives,
Where passion’s flame forever strives,
I’ll paint a tale, my heart’s confession,
In the language of poetic expression.

Jasmine’s aroma, a fragrant spell,
Within her presence, I helplessly dwell,
With a single breath, my being surrenders,
To her beauty, aglow in radiant splendors.

Amidst her petals, like a lover’s touch,
Bathed in moonlight, they bloom so much,
I inhale her essence, from depths beneath,
Drinking her life, where passions breathe.

Upon her scented layers, smiles arise,
Like sun-kissed dreams in love’s disguise,
Exhale into her lips, sweet and divine,
In that tender moment, our souls entwine.

In this dance of love, we find our way,
As her aroma weaves a spell each day,
Lost in desire’s flame, we fear no fall,
Bound by a love that triumphs over all.

So let our hearts bloom, forever entwined,
Two souls enraptured, their destinies defined,
For you, my love, hold the key to my heart,
A world where romance and spice shall never depart.