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I felt raindrops falling on my face, and I smiled.

I was wearing a new black rain jacket. I stood on the roof with my arms spread, and my mouth open as the raindrops kept falling. A girl from Germany sang next to me, with her long blonde hair wet, while the rain fell. She always sings when it is raining in the middle of the day, and the sun is just over the horizon. She sings to the rainbows and the birds. Once she has finished singing, she retired in silence, and I did not see her until the next rainbow. I like to read books about legends, but so far, I have not found anything about a mysterious German girl that sings under the rain. I saw a drawing, in a book about fairies, that looked like the strange girl. The picture was of an elf with long ears and large eyes.
I felt like she was looking back at me from that drawing. Surely, it had been just my imagination, but it felt so real. My heart palpitated, and I promised the next time I saw her, I would talk to her before she was gone. Although I waited and waited for the rain, the come only bright blue skies greeted me every day. Summer went without a raindrop, and fall was the same. My heart became sad, and I lost hope. One dark winter morning, I felt raindrops on my sad face. I jumped in joy and ran to the old building. There she was, I heard her more than I saw her, singing with her magical voice that pulled the strings of my heart. I climbed the stairs two at the time. She turned around, with a smile on her face, and continued her melancholic melody. I approached her while the rain kept pouring on us, and she stood still waiting for me. I felt like I was dreaming when she embraced me; our hearts beat in unison. She was real, and I was awake. The rain as our only silent witness saw the manifestation of love. A love that only was possible when the rain came, a love that evaporated with the sun.