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Ashes just ashes

Long time ago there were trees full of birds,
Long time ago children laughed and played,
Long time ago the clouds parted; and the sun shined.
A field of broken flowers,
Birds putrefied in the trees,
and the sunless sky now greets the day.
Even the ghost were broken,
when we fought the last war,
the darker and colder nights;
just became home to the dark creatures
that roamed the nights unopposed.
Shadows killed our Sun,
Our illusions died in the field of war,
and our memories once happy became desolate.
The stars cried silently as they witnessed our destruction,
the sea angry destroyed friend and foe in its fury.

Ashes, just ashes in our dreams became our dreams;
With ashes we were born and with ashes we died.
Forgotten and forever lost.