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Lady of Fire

Wild and tormented I looked for the lady of fire;
the one with the black eyes and hair kissed by fire.
Desolated between Heaven and Hell,
I fought monsters and men alike.
I offered my blood-soaked swords
in sacrifice to Venus;
but my sacrifice was in vain.
I drank my grief into insanity.
I tried to drown my sorrows,
in bought kisses and caresses,
but to my sorrow;
it only made the memory her caresses
and kisses that much painful.
I laid with the Goddesses of seduction
and still I felt alone.
I became intoxicated,
with grief as thousands of exhausted bodies
laid next to me.
I looked for a cure for my insanity by consulting;
with witches and Goddesses but
they soon fell to my sword as their efforts were unsuccessful.
I heard the wind whisper her name;
And like a wild beast I sang to the moon,
breaking the cold silence of the winter nights.
I felt her close by every breath I took.
I ran between the stars.
I felt her beautiful black eyes;
Looking back at me.
I felt I was dreaming.
I touched her lips with mine
and I knew it was her.