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Love Unseen

In anonymous whispers, our souls recognized a mirror.

Conversation flowed endlessly through the night,
A kindred spirit found, despite the distance of sheer.

Your words were my oxygen, your smile my light.

But miles apart, troubles brewed like storms encroaching.

Miscommunication multiplied day by day.

The distance strained our embryonic bond uncloaking.

While wrestling inner demons at bay.

I sent you words of reassurance by the hundreds.

Yet limitations of an untested romance abounded.

Craving your embrace as anxieties continued.

But devices can’t mimic love’s nuanced dance.

We tiptoed around conflicts that needed addressing.

Each avoiding talks, the temporary regressing.

Until neither could bend without the other conceding,
A stalemate – your patience and my mind unceasing.

In silence, we finally confronted the expiration.

Of this gossamer dream, its luster fading.