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The Ties that Bind (Attachment)

In the warmth of our embrace, I find solace,
Comfort like no other, a place to let go and be free,
Our hearts beat as one, our souls intertwined,
As we dance with the rhythm of love’s melody.

The gentle touch of your hand on my skin,
A spark ignites, a passion that is pure and true,
This bond we share, a love so strong,
It makes me want to be with you forevermore.

Our laughter echoes through the halls of our hearts,
A shared history, a love that’s been built brick by brick,
We are bound by this connection, an unbreakable tie,
To you, my love, I owe it all.

In the stillness of the night, as we lay close and dream,
Your breath brushes against me, a whisper in the darkness,
I know that I am home, safe within your arms,
An unwavering love, a bond that will stand firm.

As the days pass by and the years roll on,
Our love only grows stronger, our bond undeniable,
The attachment we share is a gift from above,
A love that makes me want to be with you always.

Amid this world, where hearts sometimes stray,
You are my anchor, my light in the darkest night,
Together we sail through life’s uncharted seas,
A love that is ours, a bond for eternity.