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Love’s Voyage

I declare, unashamed, my yearning to be thine,
Within the realms of thy dreams, our souls entwined,
As the Captain of thy heart, on the ocean’s crest, I’ll sail,
Where melodies of passion resound, never to fail.

Oh, to stroke thy essence, as the sea divides,
In rhythmic cadence, where desire resides,
In swells of ardor, united we shall be,
Embracing the shape of Love, boundlessly free.

In the tempestuous tides, our spirits shall enthrall,
As harmonies of affection embrace, entwine, and enthrall,
The Symphony of our hearts, an eternal duet,
Through each rise and fall, love’s melody we’ll set.

With the sun as our witness, the moon as our guide,
We’ll navigate the depths of passion, side by side,
Our love, a melody, composed on the ocean’s breeze,
Serenading the depths, enchanting the seas.

Let the winds carry our whispers, soft and profound,
As we dance upon waves, in Love’s sanctuary, unbound,
Each surge is an echo of the love we hold dear,
Melting in sweet cadence, soothing every fear.

Together we’ll voyage, in a love’s grand fleet,
Sailing in the heart, where emotions shall meet,
A symphony of love, resounding pure and true,
In the shape of Love, forever me and you.