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Sarah and the Moon

See the aperture to Sarah’s soul,
Rising, angelic, embracing the whole.
Moon, oh moon, enchant her anew,
High in the tide, where dreams pursue.

Navigating in agony, she yearns for release,
Within the vast ocean, seeking solace and peace.
The waves embrace her essence with a gentle sigh,
As she surrenders to the depths, where secrets lie.

Beneath the moonlit sky, her spirit takes flight,
Caressed by the wind, guided by its might.
Her soul dances with the ripples, graceful and free,
Lost in the ebb and flow, of the boundless sea.

The moon’s radiant pull whispers in her ear,
Guiding her through the currents, dispelling all fear.
In this aquatic ballet, she finds her true voice,
A symphony of whispers, with the ocean as her choice.

With each crashing wave, her spirit rises higher,
Cascading with the foam, she feels the soul’s desire.
The wind carries her essence, across the endless blue,
In harmonious union, her soul and the ocean fuse.

And as the moon wanes and the night gives way,
Sarah’s soul lingers, in the ocean’s gentle sway.
For she is the embodiment of nature’s allure,
A celestial being, serene and pure.

So let the aperture widen, embracing her whole,
As Sarah’s soul floats, on the ocean’s rhythmic roll.
In the dance of waves and the wind’s tender touch,
She finds eternal solace, and love’s embrace as such.