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Night’s Terrifying Whisper

The night whispered to me,
Her voice was a chilling breeze, so eerie.
She hissed, “It’s time to tread,
Abandon your crawling, the hour of dread.”

Deep in the black pit, I stood alone,
The moon cast its ghastly glow, unknown.
Its face twisted, contorted with fright,
As it uttered words to freeze my very sight.

“Behold,” it sneered, “your woeful plight,
Lost in this abyss, endless and tight.
No escape from this eternal abyss,
No solace, no hope, only the abyss.”

The shadows danced, mocking my despair,
Creeping closer with a wicked glare.
Whispering secrets, born of darkest sin,
A symphony of fear, they sang within.

I trembled, shrouded in the moon’s cold gaze,
Its silver beams cast a haunting maze.
A warning in its eyes, like a raven’s cry,
Echoed through the pit, where dread ran high.

“Abandon hope, ye who dare to roam,
In this realm where darkness finds its home.
No respite from the horrors that lie ahead,
Embrace your fate, for all light is dead.”

The night talked to me, in a sinister tone,
Revealing a truth I wished was unknown.
No longer could I crawl, for I was trapped,
In a nightmarish realm, forever wrapped.

As the moon’s foreboding words echoed deeply,
I knew the night’s secrets, I could not keep.
Bound in terror’s grip, I succumbed to my plight,
Lost in the abyss, forever haunted by the night.