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No Limit

Unlimited power, oh what a thought
No limits to what can be wrought
With boundless strength and endless might
The world is yours to shape and light

No chains can hold you, no walls confine
Your power knows no end or decline
You soar above the skies and stars
Unbridled by any earthly bars

You shape your destiny with your own hands
Unleashing your will on all lands
The universe bends to your command
As you roam free, unbound and grand

No obstacle too great, no challenge too tough
Your power conquers all, smooth or rough
The sky’s the limit? Nay, not for you
You break through all limits, old and new

Unlimited power, what a sight to see
The world is yours, so come and be
The master of your fate, the captain of your soul
Unleash your power, and let it roll.