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Regretful Love

In shadows cast, my heart did break,
A love once cherished is now forsaken.
He pleaded, begged, his tears in flight,
But forgiveness eludes me, locked tight.

Within my soul, wounds still raw,
One mistake made love’s fatal flaw.
I yearn for solace, for a healing embrace,
Yet pride holds me back, in this desolate space.

Regret swirls within, a bitter storm,
As I walk away, my heart is forlorn.
Once laughter danced, our souls entwined,
Now fractured memories, a love confined.

In the depths of night, I bear the weight,
Of choices made, sealing our fate.
Silent whispers echo, what could have been,
If I could soften, let forgiveness in.

But time slips away, like sand in hand,
Leaving us with wounds, hard to mend.
Oh, the ache of love, so sweet, so cruel,
Leaving me adrift, a melancholic jewel.

I yearn to turn back, rewrite our story,
To bathe in love’s light, in all its glory.
Yet pride holds me captive, a relentless foe,
Leaving me with regrets, as I let him go.

In the stillness, I hear his plea,
A symphony of sorrow, reaching for me.
But I walk away, my heart in strife,
Haunted by love, the remnants of life.

Oh, the price of pride, a heavy toll,
As I navigate the depths of my soul.
In the quiet moments, I weep and mourn,
For the love I cast aside, now torn.

Regret washes over, like a mournful wave,
As I search for solace, a love to save.
But the girl who once loved, now lost in the night,
Leaving me with echoes, of a lover’s last fight.

So here I stand, with a shattered heart,
Longing for a chance to restart.
But I am the architect of my despair,
As I dwell in regret, in this silent affair.

In the tapestry of love, I’m but a thread,
Yearning for redemption, to mend what is dead.
But the girl who walked away, a choice she made,
Leaving behind regrets, in the wake of love’s fade.