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War to War!

War to war! War to war!
Soldiers march, their hearts unsure.
Beneath the sun, they stand and wait,
With swords and guns, their fates debate.

The enemy approaches with a roar,
Their shouts and screams, an eerie score.
The ground beneath them starts to shake,
As the battle commences, no time to fake.

The clash of metal fills the air,
As soldiers fight with a deadly flair.
Blood spills on the ground like rain,
As the wounded soldiers cry out in pain.

Amidst the chaos, the soldiers stand strong,
Fighting for their country, right and wrong.
Their courage shines, their hearts aglow,
As they face the enemy, blow by blow.

War to war! War to war!
The battle rages on, forevermore.
But the soldiers never waver, never fall,
For they fight with honor, one and all.