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A Soldier’s Heart

(Vulnerability: The Willingness to Be Authentic and Exposed)

For so long, I’ve been a soldier in life’s battlefield,
A heart of stone, shielding me from pain and loss,
But now, amidst the chaos of the world, I know,
I find myself in your embrace, my defenses down.

As our eyes meet in the moonlit night,
A spark ignites, a fire that consumes me whole,
I feel my heart crack open like brittle ice,
To let your love flow in and heal the wounds of war.

In this moment, I surrender to your touch,
For you have become my sanctuary, a place where I can be free,
Your love, a balm for the pain of past battles fought,
A strength that guides me through life’s uncharted waters.

As a veteran of war, I vow to open my heart,
To the one who has shown me love and light in this darkness,
For now, I know that to be truly strong,
I must embrace vulnerability and let my guard down.