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(Insight and Empathy)

Outside the church, we stand together,
A sanctuary found in each other’s embrace,
My life is a testament to survival and recovery,
Hers is a beacon of hope for those still lost in the dark.

With every breath we take, our hearts connect,
A bond forged by understanding and empathy,
For I know that she too has walked this path,
And now, together, we find peace amid chaos.

In the early morning light, as the world begins to stir,
I share my story, a tale of pain and redemption,
She listens with kindness and compassion,
A love that heals and comforts my weary soul.

As the smoke rises, and the steam from her coffee dances,
We find solace in this moment of understanding and empathy,
A love that knows no bounds, a bond to carry us through,
For now, we stand as one, two hearts united in recovery.