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A Memory of Her

From the depths of my soul,
A love that knows no bounds,
Her beauty forever etched,
In the very fabric of life itself.

I see her smile in every ray of sunshine,
Feel her warmth upon my skin,
Her laughter echoes through my days,
Like a melody that never ends.

The scent of her hair,
Wafts through my memories,
A fragrance that lingers,
Long after she has left my side.

I close my eyes and drift away,
To a time when we were one,
Our hearts beating as one,
In perfect harmony, our love begun.

The wind whispers her name,
Across the meadows green,
A reminder of the love we share,
That transcends this mortal scene.

Together we walked these paths,
Hand in hand through life’s maze,
But now she is gone,
My world has turned to shades of gray.

Yet still, I hold on tight,
To every moment we shared,
For in my heart I know,
Our love will always remain unspoiled and untamed.