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There’s something about her that keeps me coming back for more;
Perhaps it’s the way she laughs or the sparkle in her eyes.
It could be the way she sips her coffee, leaving just the right amount of foam on top;
Or maybe it’s the fact that she always seems to have a new joke to crack.

Her quirks and eccentricities only add to her charm;
From the way she dances like no one’s watching to her love for old movies and romcoms.
She’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma, with just a hint of intrigue;
And I find myself forever captivated by this woman who seems so free.

Oh, how I long to unravel the secrets she keeps hidden beneath her smile;
To discover what makes her heart race and her soul sing with joy.
For in this dance of intrigue and desire, I’ve found my true north star:
A beautiful enigma who continues to mesmerize me day after day.