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Lilies and frogs

A prince in waiting sings to the night,
An owl with big yellow eyes speaks to the moon,
The Sunflower sleeps in slumber.
The pond illuminated by the fireflies,
holds the fallen lilies and the singing frogs.
The moon shines between the passing clouds,
and evokes the spirits of the waves to awake.
The tide sings against the shore,
and the night’s eternal whisper
turns the prince to tears of lilies.
Among the scattered flowers the Prince’s broken
heart screams in the silent agony of the night.

The frogs and owls fall silence to such pain.
The Sunflower is disturbed from its slumber.
The fireflies crawl among the tears and broken pieces
of the heart to put it back together.
Silence prevails that night.
In the darkness of despair,
a new palpitating heart is born.
The prince whole again sings
to the moon and lives once again.