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My Heartbeat Slows

I still see your smile, bright as the moon,

Your porcelain skin, your raven hair,
Each memory slices my heart like a blade,
As I wander lost in depths of despair.

Your scent still lingers in the empty room,
An apparition beckoning me to find you there.

But all I embrace is the ghost of your presence,
My broken heart pulsating in the stale air.

With each beat, my fractured heart slows,
The roses you loved wilt and expire,
Their crimson petals fall one by one,
Like the shattered remnants of my desire.

In this isolation, time loses meaning,
Seconds stretch into eons burning.

I yearn to rediscover the missing piece.

Before the last heartbeat ceases, my soul returning.

To when your melodic laugh echoed within,
When your luminous eyes met mine, the world alight.

Now, your memory fades remorseless and dim,
As the final heartbeat fades into eternal night.