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Love Will Grow

In the hearts of the forgotten,
Where love was once unknown,
A seed was planted long ago,
And now it has grown.

The love that once lay dormant,
Now flourishes and thrives,
Bringing light to the darkest corners,
Where hopelessness was once derived.

It starts with just a spark,
A glimmer in the eye,
A smile that reaches deep within,
And can never truly die.

With each passing moment,
This love grows stronger still,
Filling every space it touches,
With warmth and gentle thrill.

And as it spreads throughout the world,
It touches every soul,
Bringing light to those who’ve lost their way,
And making broken hearts whole.

So never think that love is lost,
In those who seem forgotten,
For it can grow and bloom anew,
And never be downtrodden.