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The First Spark (Fascination)

A love so new, a wonder to behold,
As we step into the whirlwind of the untold,
Our eyes meet, and the world stops spinning,
The universe collapses, just us winning.

Chaos of hearts, a symphony of souls,
A blissful dance in the land of enchanting poles,
With every breath, we feel a newfound thrill,
A magic that binds us to this mystical hill.

In the sea of stars, our hearts entwine,
The fireworks of passion, an undeniable sign,
Our souls connect, a bond so divine,
A love that shines, a light to define.

We find ourselves in this wonderland of love,
A journey filled with moments we’ll remember, above
The captivation and magic, we can’t deny,
We are lost in this moment of fascination so high.

As the sun rises on our love’s horizon,
A new day dawns, a bright future to explore,
Together we walk hand in hand, hearts entwined,
A love that is endless and pure, the fascination sublime.

In this stage of wonder, we’ll forever stay,
The captivation that binds us, a love that will never fade away,
A fire within our hearts, a flame that burns bright,
Amid this journey, through the day and night.