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Wanderer of Time

As I traverse the fabric of time,
I wonder where my path will wind,
Through centuries and endless space,
I journey on, to an unknown place.

The future beckons with a call,
As I traverse time’s endless hall,
But though I’m free to roam and roam,
I can’t help but think of home.

When will your journey end?
Shall I wait for you until the end?
I wonder if you’ll be there still,
When I return from my time-traveling thrill.

The years rush by in a blur,
As I chase the past and future,
And though I strive to find my way,
I wonder if I’ll ever stay.

But through it all, one thought remains,
A beacon shining in the night,
That though I travel far and wide,
Your love will guide me, shining bright.

So when my journey’s at an end,
And I return to you, my friend,
I’ll find you waiting, ever true,
And we’ll journey on, as one, anew.