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The silence of the night broken between the parted lips,
Unsaid words liquefy into the nectar from your sweet lips
A nectar that I yearn between my thirst and hunger
Sweetness oh sweetness let me satisfy my hunger
Once more. Parted lips take me once again.
Waves of solitude reach into my soul when I am without you,
Dreamless I wander the world without you,
Sleepless I kiss the ghostly memory of you,
In this nightmare I run, and I cannot reach you.
One word from you is all I need to save me from this insanity.
I am in this insanity where all lyrical songs speak of you and me,
verse after verse the singers sing make my heart melancholic,
And ever so thirsty for the touch of your lips. Just like an alcoholic
I walk the streets with the eternal thirst of you. One more drink
from the nectar between your lips will cure me from this insanity.