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Raindrops splashed the lonely traveler,
that stood in the middle of the road waiting,
for the night. The wailing child cried in her
mother arms at the distance. The dogs barked
the rain away. The whispers of the lovers echoed
behind the locked doors.
The heart of the lonely traveler beat
in unison to the raindrops
and the images of the last dance
with her replayed in his head.
The song between her lips,
echoed between his lips
as they danced the night away.
The piano carried the lovers
into the realm of ecstasy
and the orgasmic discharge of love.
The proclamations of love died
in the morning when the King found
his Queen in the arms of the lonely traveler.
Exiled. The traveler walked the roads of the
kingdom looking for another Queen to his heart.
He waited for the night to see her once again
between the moon and the rain.
Dancing naked between his sheets.
Raindrops woke his dreaming eyes and he fell
into the puddle of forgotten tears of lost lovers
that traveled before this rainy road.
He smiled and the night took him away.