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Santa Maria

Hot and water-sucking wind greets the inmates
day in and day out.
Colossal concrete
watch them omnisciently
Trapped they cringe to the shadows,
of their former selves.
e towers,
Shells of forgotten Hotels
loom on the quadrant of death.
Where Vertical death hangs,
from head to toe.
That is if they are lucky on their escape;
otherwise wild dogs and half humans
devour them alive.

Deviance was their mistress;
beautiful with her blue eyes and innocent smile,
she promised never to tell,
never to tell…
She lurks poisonously in their nightmares,
and hallucinations.
The desolated
and empty beach
lures the unwise and foolish.
It traps them;
in the man-made traps and hungry dragons.
The unrelenting Sun cracks open their skins,
and their old wounds.
The putrefied urine walls sink into their pores,
there is no escape.
is stuff of novices;
broken faces
cracked lips
suck the old cactus.
Unspeakable rules are learned,
under the obscure tunnels
that connect the many quadrants of this hell
there resides Satan and his minions.
Ruthless creatures with tattooed bodies,
and pierced noses that;
Their homes become an opaque memory;
and their personality is lost.
They are renamed by their physical appearance,
and their mistakes.
The “Caliente” and “Chingon” are names to dismiss;
meanwhile the “Don” and “Mister” are stuff to fear.
The distilled “Pulque”
flows on the hidden tents
an expensive antidote to sedate the pain,
and bringer of smiles and laughs,
and blood baths.
“Santa Maria is the place to be for your Summer get Away,
White sands and beautiful vistas that will take your breath away!
The locals will captivate you
with their exotic dances and the beating of drums
as you part take in their annual ritual to the Moon.
Ask your travel agent for our Summer Special!”

The old trembling hand holds the old pamphlet,
he sighs and looks up the full Moon.
Half blind he extends his arms up and collapses to the other world.