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Her Memory

Is it Autumn yet?

I move restlessly,
Cold and empty,
At the thought of you,
Not here with me.
My heart cries.
I yearn again for your sweet lips.

The caresses of your,
And the contour of you,
The sweetness of you.
I shiver at the Unforgettable memories,
Of you and I.
The long-lasting nights,
And the contrasting shadow of your nude body with the full moon,
My fingers reach for the phantom memory of you.
But, I grasp emptiness.

The aroma of you lingers,
Between my thoughts and sighs.
I yearn again for the endless;
flames of passion.
The incandescent You.
The touch of your soul,
And your whispers between my ears.

Autumn is not here yet.
Far into the cold nights
I pray your name,
But my prayers go unanswered.
I do not lose hope.
I do not think it all was a dream.
But, if it was a dream, it felt real.