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How to Build a Pillow Coffin

To do that, you need to be at your grandmother’s house on vacation near Christmas. You will need to have a little sister that is going to obey you. Choose a room that is far away from view and close shut the door so no one can see you or your sister. A raining day outside will make this even more exciting, with the wind blowing and the thunders, now and then isolating you as if you were in a castle where a vampire would live.
The bed can be used as if it was a coffin where a vampire would sleep in. Of course, you’ll make your little sister the vampire since you got to arrange the place to look scary. Place pillows around your little sister and tell her to close her eyes just like in the vampire movies. She will look like a vampire with her pale face and dark red lips. Close the curtains next to the bed. The room will get so dark that the only thing that will illuminate it will be a candle in your hand. I forgot to mention that you will need another four stick candles to place around the metallic bed frame at each of its posts, and you’ll light them up.
The place for a moment will look like a scene from a vampire movie, then you realize that the wind is actually blowing into the room and the curtain begins to catch fire. Time will seem to stop as your little sister screams her heart out, and your knees will get weak when you try to get her out of her pillow coffin. Your mother will come in after hearing the screams, and the door will be locked shut as you and your little sister are at the other end of the room in tears. You will see your mother’s face against the glass door, and she will quickly throw a rock into the door to open it. The scene will seem to be surreal as your aunts bring water to put the fire out. You will run with your little sister to a place to hide, but no matter where you hide, your mother is going to find you. When she does she will hug you and tell you that thank god you are okay, but then she will look at you with one of the most serious faces you are going to see on your mother and she will to tell you, “No Christmas presents for you two this year.”
When you wake up on Christmas day and run in search of your presents, there will be none, and the worst of all is that you are going to be the one to face your sister’s cries and screams when she finds out that she is not getting any presents. Your heart will break in pieces, and tears will run down your cheeks.