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Sunless, the world is draped in the gloom,
As sadness creeps in like a looming doom,
The sky is gray, the air is cold,
The days are long, and the nights unfold.

No warm rays of light to ease the pain,
No vibrant hues to break the chain,
The flowers droop, the trees stand still,
The world seems empty, devoid of thrill.

A heavy weight upon the heart,
A feeling that tears the soul apart,
A sense of loss that lingers on,
Grief that never will be gone.

Sunless, the days pass by in a haze,
As sadness lingers in a never-ending maze,
But deep within, a tiny spark,
A hope that shines through the dark.

For sadness too shall pass with time,
And the sun will rise again, oh so sublime,
Bringing with it the promise of new,
And the hope that happiness will ensue.