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Moon Child

The Moon wants to be a mother,
To nurture a child, like no other,
She yearns to hold her own little one,
And guide him till his journey’s done.

Oh, Moon, what would you do with a real son?
Would you watch him grow and have fun?
Or would you keep him close to your side,
And never let him go for a ride?

The Moon replies with a gentle smile,
“I’d teach him to be brave and versatile,
To explore the world with wonder and awe,
And never to fear what he might find or see.

I’d show him the beauty of the night,
And how to shine even when things aren’t bright,
I’d love him with all of my might,
And be his guardian, both day and night.

For though I am just a satellite,
I know that in my heart, I’m a mother alright,
So I’ll keep on shining my gentle light,
And hope that one day, my dream will take flight.”