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The End of Sound

The sound at the end,
I missed it when the light ended.
It whispered softly in my ear,
Reminding me of all I held dear.

Life is a symphony of joy and pain,
A melody of loss and gain.
We dance to its rhythm, we sing its tune,
And hope that we will reach the moon.

But when the music stops, and the lights go out,
We’re left with nothing but our doubt.
Did we live our lives to the fullest extent?
Did we love, did we laugh, did we repent?

The sound at the end,
It echoes through the empty halls.
A reminder of the moments we spent,
The memories we made, the love we sent.

Life is a precious gift we’re given,
A chance to love, a chance to live in.
So let us dance to the music of life,
And never miss the sound at the end of the night.